Bungee-Plug® The only blow out plug
you'll ever want.
Bungee-Plug® | Blowout Plug for In-Ground Pools2021-09-13T14:16:28+00:00

Winterizing your pool is simple with Bungee-Plug®




Bungee-Plug provides convenience for pool owners and service technicians by eliminating the need to lower water levels to close up their pool.

Bungee-Plug seals the return line and isolates the pool water from the underground plumbing to eliminate risk of frozen and broken pipes.

Bungee-Plug also reduces the amount of chemicals needed during winterization, so it’s better for the environment.

Because it is so simple to use, it takes less time and effort to winterize a pool. Savvy homeowners could even do it themselves!

The best part – it comes fully assembled – all you have to do is thread it into your return fitting and blow out the line!

How Bungee-Plug® Works

When pressure is applied, the Bungee strap stretches to allow water or air to flow freely. When pressure is relieved, the bungee strap instantly retreats and seals with our unique triple o-ring seal. Our technology is so reliable, it can even be used as a hydrostatic relief valve at any depth.

Here are more reasons why our customers love it:

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technician interested in wholesale?

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Bungee-Plug® works in tandem with SkimLock®

Together they work as a complete, turn key, pool closure system to close both the skimmer and the return line – leaving the pool completely isolated and pipes free of water. 


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    What size pipe is Bungee-Plug compatible with?2021-09-13T13:59:24+00:00

    Bungee Plug is compatible with a standard 1 1/2″ threaded return fitting. 

    Is Bungee-Plug watertight?2021-09-13T13:59:32+00:00

    Yes! Bungee Plug is 100% watertight, guaranteed.

    How much pressure is needed to open Bungee-Plug?2021-09-13T13:59:39+00:00

    Bungee Plug opens with under 2lbs of air pressure.  

    Do I have to lower my water levels to install Bungee-Plug?2021-09-13T13:59:46+00:00

    No, there is no need to lower water levels in order to blow out your lines with Bungee Plug.  This not only conserves water and chemicals, but is better for the environment as well.

    I’m a homeowner, can I use Bungee-Plug myself?2021-09-13T13:59:58+00:00

    Absolutely! Just follow the instructions included with your Bungee Plug.  It installs in seconds with no tools required.

    Do I need any tools to install Bungee-Plug?2021-09-13T14:00:04+00:00

    No, it comes fully assembled and there are no tools required.

    Do you sell wholesale?2021-05-12T02:10:58+00:00

    Yes, absolutely! Give us a call or send us a message to discuss wholesale opportunities.

    Do you make any other pool closing products?2021-05-12T02:07:12+00:00

    Yes, we make a locking system for your skimmer called SkimLock. It works in tandem with Bungee Plug to create a completely, turn key, pool closure system.  Click here to learn more about it!

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